Saying Goodbye to Beep


This is a really tough email for me to write. So I’ll get straight to the point: over the next few weeks we’ll be wrapping up work on Beep music.

This has been a really tough decision for the team and for me personally. We love the Beep Dial, and we loved what it was about -- bringing more music into your life. We love that thousands of people use it every week to listen to music at home, and we would love to keep working on it and other music products.

But to keep investing in something, we need a business that works. And we’ve failed to find a business in music that can support Beep.

The truth is, we didn’t make any money selling the Beep Dial -- it would take very high volumes to turn a profit. We were okay with that because we planned to make money by integrating our technology with speaker manufacturers, but those efforts did not materialize into partnerships that could financially support Beep. (A long story -- buy me a drink some time and I’ll tell you about it. :) )

Finally, competition has changed significantly over the past year, and the market opportunity we saw has gone away.

So what does this mean for you? Hopefully not too much. Your Beep Dials will continue to work as they do today. They won’t be getting new features, and if partners like Pandora and Spotify change things, those integrations may break. But we’ll keep things running as long as we can. For the next few weeks we’ll still be working with partners on fixes for known issues.

If you do want to make a transition off of Beep, the timing is good. Google just launched a product that will give you a very similar experience to Beep and costs $35. (They promise multi-room sync is coming soon, too.)

Mostly, I just wanted to tell you what’s going on. You’ve been our early adopters and supporters, and Beep only saw the light of day because of you. I’m very thankful for that and wanted to let you know what’s happening with us.

Thanks again for being part of this journey with us.

With sadness about the outcome, but thankfulness for the journey,

Co-founder & CEO