More updates on progress building Beep

Hey Beep fans! Here are some more updates on progress building Beep...

Electrical Design: Fewer boards and a new layout
Our internal design modifications (see below) allowed us to reduce the number of circuit boards inside each Beep from 3 to 2 (one for the ports at the back, and one for everything else). The first 10 boards with Beep’s new electrical layout are under production now; after testing and any necessary revisions, they will be ready for larger-scale production. We'll be running a series of tests to verify stability, wireless performance, and audio quality on these boards. 

Antenna and Wireless: From 1 to 2
To stream audio reliably, we’ve got to have need a top-notch wireless design. Our previous prototypes performed well with a single antenna, but to maximize range and quality, our production design uses two custom-designed antennas.

Old prototype Beep PCB with a simple wire antenna.

Old prototype Beep PCB with a simple wire antenna.

We love hardware because it's so tangible, but most of our time here at Beep is actually spent writing software. Software connects Beep to music streaming services, synchronizes music across multiple Beeps, and, well, drives everything else that Beep does. We'll share more about our software architecture in another post.

As always, let us know if you have any thoughts: team [at]